Media coverage

This images depicts a digital vanity wall of media organisations' logos

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  • BBC World Service πŸ”Š
    β€œThere’s a real magic that happens with children’s stories, a way of bringing everyone into the conversation…” (Hear more.)
  • Reuters
    β€œIt is not meant to teach a particular lesson to children about data collection, but rather start the conversation rooted in joy and delight, rather than a sense of dread…” (Read more.)
  • People’s Post:
    β€œβ€˜I wanted a space that had good light and a nice sense of community, so I settled in at the Claremont library.’”
  • Financial Mail:
    β€œAs astonishing as it might seem to many of us, we now have to teach children about how big data invades their lives, and how AI and surveillance will control the way they live.”
  • B5 Aktuell πŸ”Š
    The BabyBot book was featured on ARD – German public radio.

And on Medium: What I learned crowdfunding (a children’s book about surveillance)