About the book

In this adorably illustrated storybook, digital rights activist Murray Hunter takes a silly and subversive look at the world of digital surveillance – for kids.

The book was published through a global crowdfunding campaign which met its fundraising goal in less than a week. More than 200 people from across the world contributed to help get Boris the BabyBot published. (Thank you!)

So what’s it about?
Boris the BabyBot follows the misadventures of a baby-tracking robot whose sole purpose is to collect data about babies for… The Factory.

But what happens when the BabyBot meets a baby that can’t be tracked?

Boris the BabyBot invites kids (and grown-ups) into the secret world of Big Data, in a way that’s playful and fun, and opens up a conversation about privacy, resistance, and wiggly, squiggly robots. (Why this book? Why now? More here.)

Boris the BabyBot was written to be read with children ages three and up, and robots of all ages.

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About Murray

Murray started working on surveillance oversight as an activist with South Africa’s Right2Know Campaign. Among other things he helped author the following:

Spooked (2018), a report on surveillance of journalists in South Africa
Stop the Surveillance (2017), a handbook on South Africa’s surveillance laws
Big Brother Exposed (2015), a report on state monitoring of activists and unionists

Contact Murray via boristhebabybot@gmail.com or murray.hunter@pm.me.


“A charming book about one of the defining moral issues of the world we live in today. Essential reading for babies and their grown-ups everywhere.”

– Sam Beckbessinger, author of Manage Your Money
Like a F-cking Grownup