Wait, why?

So, why write a children’s book about corporate surveillance?

For years as a digital rights campaigner, I’ve been talking to grown-ups about data privacy. With each scandal about corporate surveillance and data collection, there’s a greater global awareness than ever before of the need for ordinary people to stand up to defend their digital privacy.

But when do we bring children into that discussion? I wanted a playful, engaging way to start a discussion with the kids in my life about these issues.

So I wrote and illustrated Boris the BabyBot, the world’s first (I think) children’s book about corporate surveillance.

Data collection may seem like a scary topic for adults, but kids are smart and curious – especially when it comes to the frolics and follies of a beeping, booping, baby-tracking robot. This is not a book that teaches children ‘about’ surveillance. But my hope is that Boris the BabyBot will give children the narrative and visual building blocks they need to start building their own awareness and curiosity of the hidden world behind our technology.